Current Tenants

Maintenance, Repairs, Damage

As agreed to in the lease, please provide in writing via an email to our office at any maintenance, repairs or damage that you are aware of or you may render yourself liable for the costs, within 3 days. Once notice has been received, our office will attend to the matter in order of urgency.

Jobs requiring tradespeople will first require permission from the landlord. Once approved, a work order will be raised to the tradesperson, who will be in direct contact to arrange a convenient time to attend to the issue. Please note that work carried out by anyone who is not approved under a work order from Zenith may result in your liability to pay the account.


An emergency is defined as something that may immediately harm someone or may cause immediate further damage to the property. Please contact the Property Manager as soon as possible to report the urgent matter.

Emergency and/or urgent maintenance

Please be advised that if your maintenance is an emergency or of an urgent nature and could cause undue harm or damage to the property, please call 9315 5988 during business hours to report.

Plan of Action for some emergency situations

Burst Gas or Water Pipe: Turn off at mains
Severe Storm Damage: Stay out of harm’s way – call SES on 1300 130 039
Break in or Theft: Call the Police on 131 444


Loss of Keys or Locked Out

This is not an emergency, and is the responsibility of the Tenant to organise and pay for a locksmith. If the incident occurs during office hours a duplicate set for lending may be available from the office.

Storm Damage or Stormy Weather

If stormy weather is forecasted we would like to remind you to have all items outside the house safely secured or stored away.

In the case of any storm damage, please send us an email to and if possible provide us with photos of the damage. Please DO NOT put yourself at risk by attempting to carry out repairs or inspect damages.

In an emergency please contact the Property Manager as soon as possible to report the urgent matter.
During stormy periods the waiting period for repairs may be longer than expected.

End of Tenancy

Contact your Property Manager to discuss your legal requirements with regards to ending your tenancy as written notice periods will be required. They will also contact you and advise requirements for handing over vacant possession. Once vacant possession is established (that is, all keys have been returned) a bond/final inspection can be completed.

The Property Manager cannot complete a bond/final Inspection until vacant possession has been established and rent may be payable until all keys are returned. The bond will only be returned once it has been established that all rent is paid as required, the property has been returned in its original condition as per PCR (excluding fair wear and tear) and all applicable invoices have been paid.

Breaking Lease

Your tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract and as such process needs to be followed to break any tenancy agreement. In the first instance, please contact your Property Manager to inform them of your intention. They will forward you a 'break lease form' and details of your obligations. Please note that the office cannot begin to advertise your property for rent until the 'break lease' form has been executed and returned. In accordance with the relevant Residential Tenancy Act, you will be required to pay all costs incurred as outlined in your break lease form.

Your obligations are, but not limited to:

Paying rent and maintaining the condition of the property including gardens until such time as a suitable replacement tenant is located ,approved and in the property. Standard tenant selection procedures apply to all applicants. You will be responsible for a break of lease fee and a portion of advertising costs in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Tribunal Guidelines.