Our Property Management


Rental properties across Australia are in high demand and an increasing number of people are looking at property as a lucrative investment option. However, when you acquire property with a view of renting it out, a great deal of time and management is required.

Imagine never having to worry about the day-to-day management of your investment property. That's the kind of stress free property management service that we aim to provide you when you choose Zenith Realty.

By choosing Zenith to lease and manage your property you choose an experienced team that always puts your interests first. We're here to make the process of leasing your property simple and efficient. Once you've appointed us, we will take responsibility of it as if it were our own, giving you the peace of mind knowing that your property is properly attended to and delivering a healthy ROI.


Benefits of listing your property with the Zenith Realty Property Management Team

The following are just some of the benefits of using the Zenith Realty Property Management team to lease and manage your home / investment property.


Level of service

We have a great team who deliver a premium Property Management Service. We give you the level of service you deserve.  Your property will be in the best possible hands and we are committed to providing you with an unparalleled customer service experience.

Our vast experience with managing rental properties allows us to give you practical, objective advice and service regarding tenant searching, periodic inspections, services offered in your rental properties, tax deduction and much more.

You need to select a property manager you can be confident in; experience, knowledge and training should all be prominent factors in your selection process. Fee rates should never be the deciding factor - you need a professional who can provide you with the best service and often a fee reflects the manager's ability.


Single point of contact

One of our experienced Property Managers will exclusively manage your property. You are able to contact them directly with any questions you may have about your property. We understand that regular communication is important, so we endeavour to keep you up to date at all times.


Professional standards

The highest standards of professionalism, integrity and due diligence will be maintained in compliance with the Codes of Practice of the Real Estate Institute of Australia.

Our staff members are trained on a continuous basis so that they are aware of the latest events and changes in the property marketplace. Whether it is market trends or regulatory changes, our staff has the ability to provide you with up to date and highly relevant information at any point of time



Standard Real Estate Institute of WA forms are used for all documentation.  This reduces any legal complications as these forms are widely accepted and well known throughout the industry.


Marketing your property

Effective marketing is what we're known for.  To ensure that your property reaches the widest possible audience, an information packed advertisement with numerous images of your property will be placed on industry leading websites such as:




As well as our own website  www.zenithrealty.com.au

Our extensive database and network (both local and international) is a valuable resource we also utilise to ensure your property has maximum reach.

We also maintain contact with a wide range of relocation specialists, and as result, we often end up placing executives from around the world. On many occasions our properties are even leased via word of mouth.

With our referral system, we have access to tenants, landlords, buyers and sellers at all times and thus reduce the time taken to connect you with suitable parties. This ensures that the investment potential of your rental property is never under-utilized.


Finding the right tenant

Escorted viewings of rental properties are available 6 days a week and after hours as required.  We are well trained and 100% focused on finding you a suitable tenant in the fastest possible time. We discuss all tenancy applications received with owners before any final decisions are made.

Choosing the right tenant can make all the difference for both owner and agent.

You should be notified as soon as an application is received on the property. Your selection manager will process this application on your behalf, checking references, previous tenancies etc. and give you advice on which tenant to select - but the final decision of course will ultimately come down to you.

Prospective tenants are screened via:

  1. i)    National Tenancy Database and;
  2. ii)    TICA

iii)    Office cross-reference checks

If the tenant has a healthy rental history, and their employment status is sufficient, we are in a position to consider offering them the property. Extensive identification checks are also always completed prior to any progress being made.


Handing over

Upon the lease being approved and offered to the tenant:

  1. A REIWA lease document and relevant annexures are signed by the tenant
  2. The tenant signs a key receipt and the keys are given to them
  3. The tenant takes possession and moves into the property
  4. They are given a comprehensive 'Property Condition Report' to review and sign
  5. An inspection by our property manager takes place within 6 weeks of lease commencement followed by a routine inspection every 3 months


Detailed property inspections

At the commencement of each tenancy a comprehensive Property Condition Report (PCR) is compiled. The PCR outlines the condition of everything in, on and around the property. Comprehensive photos will also be taken - both yourself and the tenant need to sign off on this report which must only be done if you are satisfied that the report truthfully documents the condition of the property at the time tenancy commences.

Routine inspections are carried out after 6 weeks and then 3 monthly as per the requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act.  When the tenant vacates the property, a vacating inspection is carried out to ensure that the tenant leaves the property in its original condition (with the exception of fair wear & tear).



We will always endeavor to contact you prior to arranging any maintenance unless otherwise instructed.  Contractors used by Zenith Realty are licensed and insured.  If you have preferred contractors, these can be used.


Receiving payment

Our diligent property manager ensures tenants pay their rent on time and in full. Soon after the end of every month, we electronically process the payment of funds owed to you and they are received into your nominated bank account. We can also pay outgoings on your behalf

A copy of your monthly statement will also be emailed to you for your records.


Zero tolerance on rent arrears

In the event that your tenant fails to pay their rent on time, we pursue rent arrears on a daily basis and deal with it as the Law will allow by issuing Breach notices and / or Termination notices.


Changing to zenith realty

Our team of property managers offer professional assistance in navigating the intricate requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act and Commercial Tenancy Act on your behalf.  More than ever before it is prudent to ensure that your property is managed by a professionally trained and experienced manager who is equipped to deal with these ever-changing needs.

Property management is more than co-ordinating tenancies and rental payments – it’s about helping you achieve your financial goals.  We believe in creating wealth for our clients.  Talk to us today about maximising your property investment and management needs.

Contact the Zenith Realty Property Management Team on 9315 5988 or send us an email at zenithrealty@iinet.net.au NOW to obtain a copy of our Proposal and to discuss transferring the Management of your property to us and take advantage of the experience and knowledge of our professional Property Management Team.